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An Exciting New Collaboration For Dudes & Dogs C.I.C.

April 21, 2021

During May we are teaming up with the awesome team over at PROJECT:TALK for a month of mental fitness.

PROJECT:TALK CIC was founded in 2020 by a team of graduates and students led by George & Daisy, 2 of Bristol University’s medical students. Their aim is a simple one; they want to build a mental health community to support students in a multitude of ways and they have teamed up with Dudes & Dogs to help them achieve this and provide even more options to help students (to steal one of our own lines, if that's even possible) see that it’s not just okay to talk, it’s vitally important.

To celebrate this new partnership Dudes & Dogs C.I.C. are joining PROJECT:TALK for their month of mental fitness in May and will be doing loads of things and laying on exclusive student walks through the month of May as well as doing some combined fundraising and plenty of walking along the way. So keep your eyes open through May for everything we’ll have going on.

Dudes & Dogs founder Rob said the following about the new collaboration:

"I got to meet George, Daisy and other members of the team last year and there was an instant connection with what we are trying to achieve.

The team at PROJECT:TALK C.I.C. immediately saw the value of offering a Dudes & Dogs C.I.C. walk just for students, and as it was something we started before lockdown, it’s great we’ve got the chance to get it going again.

Both organisations are big believers in collaboration to help as many people as we can improve their mental fitness and we have been conscious for a long time of the support needed for students, especially after the pandemic. By teaming up with the frankly awesome crew at PROJECT:TALK along with the primary school walks we are launching in May it gets us one step closer to achieving this goal all over the UK."

George, PROJECT:TALK’s Co-Founder, meanwhile expressed his excitement at the plans to bring of Dudes & Dogs to Bristol Uni

"If we really are serious about taking the next step towards providing well-rounded, adequate provision to support the mental fitness of University students, it's crystal clear that organisations such as Dudes & Dogs are exactly who we need to engage.

I’m confident that our new partnership with Dudes & Dogs will give dudes from the University of Bristol a vital platform to de-clutter their minds, proactively support their mental fitness and importantly, talk. 

We’ve got ambitious visions for our work together and see our work at Bristol Uni as an important stepping stone to delivering Dudes & Dogs to Universities nationally.”

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