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Becoming a Dog Dude

December 15, 2020

We constantly have guys getting in touch with us asking how they can become a Dog Dude and lead their own walks, more than we can keep up with in fact... Well this video tells you the steps it takes to become a fully fledged "Dog Dude", what we will give you and what we ask from you. However, we also get a lot of guys coming to us who don't want to lead a walk necessarily but do want to get better at speaking to their mates when they're struggling, and that's what our new course "Talking Dudes" will do (sorry we call it "Dudes Talk" in the vid, the name was still in development at this stage!). So if you are interested in becoming a "Dog Dude" or taking our "Talking Dudes" course and helping out your fellow Dudes, then take a watch.

Click here to watch video

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