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Wellbeing Consultancy Packages

Find out about Dudes & Dogs all new training workshops and consultancy service, as well as our flagship programme: "Let's Talk About SAM"

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Your organisation. Your minds. Our lived experiences.

While the core mission at Dudes & Dogs is focused on men, we firmly believe all mental health is important. 

Whatever your employee wellbeing needs we can help you raise awareness, and engage meaningfully with everyone at all levels of your organisation.

We will leave you with methods and techniques to manage mental well-being in the workplace as well as completely changing the way you think about your own, and your employees mental health. You will learn about coping strategies, good and bad, and how to apply these or remove them from your professional and personal life.

We will help you in becoming more empathetic to your colleagues at every level of the business which in turn will improve both productivity and enjoyment for you and your organisation, and you'll do all this with some Dudes & some Dogs for company.

We can tailor a package to suit your employees' needs; be it our unique workshop and lived experience course "Let's Talk About SAM", or through ongoing support via our office walk and talk service, giving your employees the chance to get away from their desks and change their mindset, something hugely beneficial but often undervalued at times of stress.

We really want to help you enhance your work culture to support employee wellbeing and maximise engagement. Hopefully by the time you've spoken to us, you'll be equally excited by the prospect.

 Get in touch to find out more or to discuss your training needs.

Meet the Team

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Rob Osman

Founder of Dudes & Dogs

Rob worked in the corporate world for well over 20 years in various sales and leadership roles, mostly in the medical industry. However in 2019 he took a step back from that lifestyle to do what he really wanted to do in life; help others. Unsure of exactly how that looked, last year Rob recorded a video explaining about both his feeling and emotions in life, the fact that he has spent close to the last 40yrs trying to be something he thought people wanted him to be, not what he was.  Since then, he has been on a journey to be himself and understand better why he felt the need to conform to what he believed people wanted and to be what he thought society viewed as “a man”. And this has now led us here, as he helps other men escape the same pitfalls and be comfortable in their own version of masculinity, however that looks. 

Rob wants to help other men see just how beneficial it can be for their mental health and those around them  to accept and embrace who they are, even if it doesn’t fit into society's views on what ‘manliness’ is. He also realised that some men, most in fact, were hopeless at talking face to face and that by saying let’s go for a walk rather than let's talk men were opening up with him in a whole new way and thus Dudes & Dogs was born.

Dudes and Dogs was created to show men that it’s not just okay to talk, it’s vitally important. The premise is simple, a bunch of dudes, at least one with a dog taking a walk in the open air for a chat. Nothing more than that.

Since launching last year the project has continued to grow at an exponential rate, with over 10,000 social media followers, a military group with over 800 active members, and an app for military personnel called Man Down UK that is already saving lives.

With features across the BBC, ITV, Ladbible and Bored Panda to name a few Dudes continues to grow with Rob’s intention of creating a worldwide charity that can help men from every culture in every corner of the world; and without the lockdown, this would have already been a reality. Rob has realised that his emotions that he spent his entire life trying to hide is actually his super power. It is what helps him understand people, empathise and help and without it Dudes & Dogs wouldn’t exist today. That and Mali of course.

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Nick Poulton

Dudes & Dogs Consultancy Lead

Nick has spent the majority of his career in Broadcast Television, working for companies including Bloomberg LP, the BBC and Sky.

At Bloomberg, after starting life as a studio technician, Nick took on responsibility for the running of European Studio Operations, with studios and staff based in news hubs in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid, operating 24/7.

Nick then took the opportunity to work as Assistant Producer for a BBC observational documentary, exposing the scale of UK based Forced Marriage and Honour Crime. This involved working with police forces throughout the country for behind-the-scenes access to highly sensitive situations, requiring him to build trust quickly.

At Sky, Nick started out as part of the Operations Management team in Sky Production Services, before joining the Senior Leadership team as Head of Studios, leading the largest staff team (350, plus 200 freelancers) of TV studio specialists in the UK. His team oversaw facilities and crew used to produce shows across a range of genres including News, Sports and Entertainment.

Most recently, Nick worked as Head of Operations for streaming service NOW TV, which also gave him the chance to run a talent diversity programme supporting young people entering the broadcast industry.

Nick has developed an empathic leadership style, building high trust cultures in which people can be themselves, while managing a healthy balance between life and work. He believes that to achieve top performance, a team must be underpinned by employee wellbeing.

Nick is at the early stage of starting his own business, aimed at helping individuals in all stages of their career, whether advising newcomers on writing their first CV, or coaching senior leaders, as well as consulting on effective team building and development. He has also written two novels.

Involved with Dudes & Dogs since early 2020, Nick is a trained Dog Dude and accredited Mental Health First Aider. He leads walks in South Oxfordshire, along with his beloved co-host, a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla called Otto.


Tony Phipps

Creator of Man Down UK App

Tony grew up in Portsmouth. After leaving school he embarked upon 30 weeks of rigorous training to become a Royal Marine Commando, demonstrating his determination, courage, leadership and self-reliance throughout the demands of the course.

Over 20 years, Tony was involved in numerous high intensity operational tours around the world. He saw active service during the first Gulf War, supported UK Special Forces in the Former Yugoslavia in the capturing of war criminals, and also undertook amphibious operations supressing piracy in the Arabian Gulf.

In addition, Tony became a commander in the elite Brigade Reconnaissance Force operating in Afghanistan, a group that relies heavily on individual initiative and decisive action in situations of high tension.

Following his active service, Tony completed his military career at the Commando Training Centre for Royal Marines, overseeing the teaching, coaching and mentoring of 850 recruits in training, and 300 permanent staff.

After leaving the Royal Marines in 2012, Tony started his own company, supporting the US government in improving security in their embassies around the world, following the 2012 coordinated attack on the United States facility in Benghazi, Libya, where a US ambassador was killed.

Today, Tony is the Global Manager of an oil & gas company. Tony helped create the Dudes & Dogs Military group, which offers assistance to military and former-military serviceman. His holistic approach to the project has resulted in a range of support, from dog walks that create a safe space for men to chat, through to more intense support for those suffering with complex PTSD. Tony has also recently developed and released a mental health/suicide prevention App, which aims to save lives. Man Down UK is designed to offer a life line to servicemen and former servicemen who often suffer in silence.  

Dudes & Dogs is pleased to announce we are working in collaboration with Hope Health to provide an entire workplace solution for your mental wellbeing needs. Just click their logo below to see the services they can provide.

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