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It's Time for Change. Are You Worried?

September 3, 2020

It’s normal to dread change. It’s normal to resist it. 

If things are not broken, why try to fix them?

We’ve all found change can be tough. Sometimes it feels unmanageable.

It creates uncertainty, which often results in anxiety, and it can kick off all sort of thoughts and feelings.

But accepting change is part of modern life, and trying our best to embrace it when it comes, can have its advantages and its benefits. 

September is a month of change, the transition to autumn, the days get shorter, children go back to school (for many families, the first time in a LONG time this year). As such, here at Dudes & Dogs, September is going to be our month to focus on change, and its impact.

We will be discussing it and having some of the Dudes sharing their experiences of how it can affect them.

We’d also like everyone to challenge themselves to a positive change, however big or small. It will be great to hear everyone’s ideas, and to encourage one another to step forward with positive intent.

We encourage all of our Dudes to get involved in the conversation and swap ideas and progress, over on the Dudes & Dogs Online Community.

Yes, you may have noticed one of the first changes is to our group name. 

This group was set up by Rob to bring us all together at an unprecedented time, almost like a waiting room for the walks….walks that couldn’t happen due to the lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions. 

Thinking a little deeper about the changes to Dudes & Dogs and how it affected the group during lockdown: The instant impact was a lot of anxiety for all of Dudes, uncertainty for them, their families, and, for many, their jobs. Understandably, it provoked a real sense of fear in many of us.

For Rob, trying to get the Dudes & Dogs Walks up and running, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. But, rather than throw in the towel, or simply put everything on hold, Dudes & Dogs rose to the challenge by creating a fantastic online community, transforming the Facebook Walkers Group into a safe and secure space for men to talk about themselves, to share, and to ‘socialise’, not to mention, think about how to stay fit during lockdown.

Some fantastic music events, quizzes, and group conversations all helped to give 600 of us something to look forward to, a reason to stay involved - and somewhere to turn to when we were having a bad day. 

As a result, the Dudes & Dogs group started to evolve into something bigger, even global, with more of a connected community than Rob could have hoped for.

So, reflecting what the “walkers group” has become - an online community of men supporting each other - we decided to change the name. 

This will still be the place to come and hear the news about Dudes & Dogs, to get involved in conversations, to talk to other Dudes around the world…the walks were never going to create a community that big on their own!

So, in the case of Dudes & Dogs, change happened: it was horrible in many ways, but the last few months have shown us that if you are willing to adapt and rise to the challenge, the impact of change isn’t always as bad as you fear…sometimes good things can come out of it that you never could have imagined. in fact, you can take away a lot of positives from it.

We hope you’ll join us in discussing our theme of ‘Change’ this month, and how it has applied to you in your life, or might be applying now. Also, think about ways in which you can join many of us here in inspiring ourselves to make a change for the better in our lives, starting this month. 

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