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Keeping Walking and Talking in Lockdown 3.0

January 27, 2021

This is what a virtual walk looks like. Not so scary after all.

Here at Dudes & Dogs getting out into the fresh air with a dog or two is what we do, it's kind of what makes us... well us. We haven't been able to do that as much as we'd like lately, but reckon we have found a solution that's proving somewhat of a hit.

Every week in our Facebook community group, we host a series of virtual walks through FB rooms hosted by one of our very own trained and supported Dog Dudes, and all Dudes are very welcome.

So how do you join? Well first of all, I guess you decide if the Dudes and Dogs vision of using dogs, nature and fresh air to manage your mental well-being is for you and if it is, great, head over now and join our community. After that, you just head to our rooms page and see when our next walks are, and then show up, simple right.

On the day you can either join from the comfort of your own home, your car, or even better, out and about on a walk yourself, you'd be surprised the difference it makes and I promise you won't feel (that) strange doing it.

All the walks take part in a virtual Facebook room. This allows us to create that closed safe space similar to an actual walk, and if you feel a little apprehensive then (again like our physical walks) just come and listen at first. You can turn your camera around, enjoy the sights and you can listen to how Dudes communicate on the walk with no demand for you to speak until you're ready.

Most importantly though they are always hosted by our fully trained Dog Dudes who are there to help keep the conversation natural and flowing but have the support and knowledge to handle any issues that may arise and can direct to professional help when needed.

Our Dudes already in the community are always looking for ways to help and support each other, it is an incredible space and it's important we allow them to keep doing this and these walks will allow us to do just that, but in the unique Dudes & Dogs way.

So next time you reach out to someone or someone reaches out to you, instead of offering your support with a private message or similar, encourage them to join one of our virtual walks. Perhaps you could even offer to go along as well and be a support. After all this is the Dudes way.... 

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