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Rob Osman

Fully Qualified Dog Dude
Mental Health First Aider

Area: UK & Ireland

Favourite Dog Breed: Rhodesian

Ridgeback or Hungarian Vizsla. I can't choose

Unusual Fact: Rob has a deep dark past as a bit of an actor and once played Nicholas Nickleby in a 6hr epic version of the play. Be glad you didn't have to sit through that!

Super Power: Talking! Apparently.

Hobbies: Hanging with my boy Titch, surfing, van life, Dudes & Dogs.

Rob’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Although not hosting walks whilst he manages the training of Dog Dudes, Rob's (now famous) dog Mali goes just about everywhere he does.


Nick Poulton

Fully qualified Dog Dude
Mental Health First Aider

Area: Henley on Thames, South Oxfordshire

Favourite Dog Breed: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Unusual Fact: Nick has seen a ghost. No, really.

Super Power: Nick claims he can connect any film to any film by a series of factual links (Kinda like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon without the Kevin Bacon bit)

Hobbies: Running, watching films, writing, listening to music, walking & talking

Nick’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Otto, a young Wirehaired Vizsla, who is full of beans, totally soppy and loves EVERYONE!

Danny Boxx

Fully qualified Dog Dude

Area: Nuneaton

Favourite Dog Breed: 

Unusual Fact: 

Super Power: 


Matt’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: 

Kieran Yarwood

Fully qualified Dog Dude
Mental Health First Aider

Area: Gloucester

Favourite Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Unusual Fact: I've had more dogs stay the night at my house than I've had people visit

Super Power: Being able to eat 24/7

Kieran's Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Lulu the golden retriever.


Ryan Curtis

Fully qualified Dog Dude

Area: Bristol South 

Favourite Dog Breed: Dachshund 

Unusual Fact: I put hot sauce on a cooked breakfast

Super Power: the ability to trip over thin air


Charlie Taylor

Fully qualified Dog Dude

Area: South Bristol "Massive" 

Dog: Bechon Bolognese 

Claim to Fame: I’ve met the big 3 - Princess Di, Michael Jackson and Donald Trump, oh and Andi Peters bought my iPhone for me.

Super Power: Spotting typos on menus and signs. I’m genuinely remarkable at it.


Christian Williams

Fully qualified Dog Dude
Mental Health First Aider

Area: Bridgend

Dog Name: Hank

Unusual Fact: Once worked on the film set for the movie ‘Show Dogs’

Super Power: Tyson Fury’s No 1 Fan


Michael Seaborne

Fully qualified Dog Dude

Area: Brighton

Favourite Dog Breed: How are you supposed to choose just one! 

Unusual Fact: Can fit a whole dry Weetabix in my mouth

Super Power: Making the drinking of coffee during exercise sessions seem perfectly normal

Hobbies: In a dance crew called Outta Puff Daddys, walking and running (when not broken)

Michael’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Loki a 5 year old Labrador X Cocker Spaniel who is the most happy and chilled out chap (unless you try to post anything through my door!)

Ian Coates.jpg

Ian Coates

Fully qualified Dog Dude

Area: Cardiff

Favourite Dog: Weimaraner 

Unusual fact : Can pick up a tennis ball with one foot

Super power : Cooking curries

Hobbies : Finding new walks, coaching kids rugby, and running with my dog

Ian's Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host : Ruby, a young Weimaraner, very bouncy and friendly She can find tennis balls on the most remote walk and is partial to the odd bit of horse poo...


Alex Harris

Fully Qualified Dog Dude

Area: Surrey/Kingston-upon-Thames

Favourite dog breed: British Bulldog or any big dog breed

Unusual fact: Alex has broken over 25 bones in his body but yet never spent a night in hospital for himself.

Super Power: Alex has the ability to remember a random fact for nearly every situation (the wife loves it).

Hobbies: Painting like Bob Ross.  Watching films, reading, gaming and most things "geek culture".  Alex also spends time with his family. And he has a hidden hobby of finding some quiet time completely alone when he can.

Alex's dog and fellow D&D Walk Host: Buttercup, a 10 month old Bull-Pei cross who has the energy and attention span of any normal 10 month old girl.  She'll be happy to welcome any new friend by trying to play with them at all times.


Mark Kelly

Fully Trained Dog Dude

Area: Cork City and County, Ireland

Favourite Dog Breed: Doberman

Unusual Fact: Mark was an extra on Game of Thrones (but hates to talk about it).

Super Power: An uncanny ability of turning the topic of conversation to Liverpool FC

Hobbies: Films (massive film buff), climbing, golf, cooking, and random road trips

Mark’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: A gorgeous big hunk called George – George is a Boxer / Red Setter cross, who my good buddy Brian allows me to borrow for the weekly walks.


Sam Carter

Fully Trained Dog Dude

Favourite Dog Breed: Labrador

Unusual Fact: I have an egg shaped pupil

Super Power: The ability to remember pointless information, such as your foot being the same length as your forearm or that Dragon Flies have six legs but cannot walk

Hobbies: Rugby and Fishing

Fellow D&D Walk Host: Nelson, Fox Red Labrador who has a passion for digging holes and meeting people

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