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Why You Need To Join a Dudes & Dogs Walk

December 22, 2020

A perspective from Gordon, one of our walkers in Gloucester.

As Gordon said to us, he’s not a walk leader, nor is he a founder of Dudes & Dogs. He is a guy who joined the walks and was very keen to share with everyone why he walks with the group as often as he can. He also shared thoughts on why more people need to sign up and start joining the growing number of Dudes & Dogs walks on offer.

This is what Gordon had to say:

“I’ve just attended what I think must have been my sixth Dudes & Dogs walk, with Dog Dudes (walk leader) Matt and Kieran, in a great location near Gloucester. Scenic, safe for the dogs, great fresh air and exercise. 

I’ve been part of the Facebook Online Community for a while – a group of almost 700 guys, a lot of who do interact with the posts, and support each other virtually - but I’m conscious not everyone is attending the walks in their areas.

What are my reasons for attending the Dudes & Dogs walks? Well, it may be a surprise, but it’s not really about me going there to share mental health issues. Yes, I’ve had some mental health problems in the past - some really bad times, including significant losses in the family due to cancer - My family and I hit some real lows a few years ago.

But that hasn’t been the main driver for me joining the walks. I do have friends in the local area, but it’s simply that when we go out on the Dudes & Dogs walks, I like that the guys basically talk about anything they want (apart from politics!) - there’s never any pressure to share, but if you do want to share problems you’re going through, you’ll be listened to without any judgement. If we’re feeling down; if we need to get something off our shoulders, the guys are there - but, again, there’s no pressure to talk about the mental health stuff. We really have talked around an eclectic mix of subjects during the 6 walks I’ve been on so far….I’ll be back for many more and I hope more of you will be signing up.

I’d simply like to say to anyone reading this, sign up to the free walks, go along and try one…it will take one hour of your time. It’s a great outing for the dogs - walking in stunning locations and enjoying fresh air (in all weathers!)….plus you’ll get to meet some great new people.

Hope to meet some of you on the walks!"


If you want to join Gordon and other walkers, then sign up to a walk and see the calendar walks available: 

The walks are expanding across the country so if there’s not already one in your area, register interest via the website, so that we can keep you informed.
Alternatively, find out more about us on the website:
We also have the public Facebook page with more information and videos and chat.

You will also find information on our website how our walks are adhering to COVID-19 rules.

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