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Celebrating Music and its power to improve mental well-being

February 10, 2021

Blog by musical Dude, DaveC

Music. ‘It’s only rock n roll’, it’s ‘the food of love’, ‘music is my first love, and it will be my last’, etc, etc. It’s clear that some of us take it seriously.

Many of us spend a fair bit of time considering the music we’d like at our weddings or birthday parties. We create playlists as soundtracks to our lives. We watch films that use music to enhance the drama or mood of the scenes. Couples often have an ‘our song’. Music is (usually) the main motivation to get us up and dancing. And of course, we even think about what music we want played at our funerals, those two or three pieces of music we want to share as a last farewell, that sum up our lives or personality perhaps.

There’s no doubt many of us take music pretty seriously.

Some of us learn to play instruments or take up singing, because music is a fantastic way to express ourselves. Lyric writing is undoubtedly a useful tool to help work out what we want to say to anyone that might listen. Dudes in our Online Community may be familiar with fact that I wrote a song as a tribute when I lost my beloved dog Chili. A musical tribute is a powerful message. A memory. It's a legacy.

 So how can you use music to help enhance your life? 

Well, the above will probably give you some ideas, just acknowledging those facts may help you appreciate the role it can have in our lives, but perhaps the simplest thing is to start creating your own playlists. Maybe you already have one to energise you when you’re exercising?

But how about a ‘feel good’ one, or a ‘calming’ one? Maybe some music to start the day right, to meditate to, or even to whistle to while you work..?

Maybe it’s time you learned an instrument? Either way, maybe it’s time to take a break and time you just sat down with your instrument or playlist and a beverage and listened/played without interruption.

I also recommend you treat yourself to something decent to play your music on. I was lucky enough to get some Apple AirPod Pros headphones for Christmas which really enhance the listening experience.

In these very trying times, but also hopefully throughout your life, can I respectfully and wholeheartedly suggest you feel the beat, find your mojo, get your groove on, find your vibe, and, to quote Wild Cherry; “lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die”.

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